Term Time Attendance

At our Hove and Brighton nurseries, Young Sussex offers a limited number of term-time only places. The intention is to relieve parents of the obligation to pay for childcare during the main school holidays of Christmas, Easter and Summer.

The term dates are broadly set to match the Brighton and Hove school terms, with the occasional variation. Attendance continues through the half terms, but these sessions can be swapped to a more convenient time. Extra sessions can also be booked during the main holiday periods.

Unlike spread funding for full year attendance, term time funding is at a rate of 13.5 hours/week over 42 weeks (for 2yr olds and 3/4yr olds claiming the universal ‘15hr’ funding), or 27hrs/week over 42 weeks (for 3/4yr olds claiming the additional ‘30hr’ funding). The terms dates are listed below.

Term time attendance is not available at our Shoreham nursery



Autumn 2023

Spring 2024

Summer 2024

First Day of Term

1 September

2 January

15 April

Last Day of Term

15 December

28 March

23 July

Autumn 2024

Spring 2025

Summer 2025

First Day of Term

2 September

6 January

22 April

Last Day of Term

20 December

4 April

22 July