Flexible Childcare

We recognise that different parents have different needs, and that offering a one-size-fits-all solution leaves parents paying for time or services that they do not use.

At Young Sussex, we offer parents the flexibility to choose their preferred start times combined with their preferred end times from the list below:

Session Start Times - Session Name

7:00am - Sunrise (available at Young Sussex Nursery Brighton only)

7:45am - Early Start

8:15am - Morning/School Day/Full Day, depending on the end time

1:00pm - Afternoon

Session End Times - Session Name

1:00pm - Morning

4:00pm* - School Day

5:30pm - Full Day/Afternoon, depending on the start time

6:00pm - Late Finish

7:00pm - Sunset (available at Young Sussex Nursery Brighton only)

*Not currently available to combine with a 1:00pm start.

Costs are based on the number of hours attended, multiplied by the hourly rate (there are two rates depending on the age of your child, with discounts applied to longer sessions and full week attendance). To see the current costs of attending the various sessions, please see our fees page.