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I have been managing nurseries for over twelve years and am qualified in both Childcare & Education and Leadership & Management. Joining Young Sussex Nursery Hove in 2012 invoked a surreal mix of nostalgia and familiarity as the building was previously home to the primary school that I attended as a child!

My aim is to nurture well rounded, confident and happy children that are ready to take on all the little challenges that come their way.

I understand that we are in a privileged position to care for your child. Knowing that I have been a part of their journey gives me a real sense of pride and achievement.

When not at nursery, I love spending time with my husband and two children, exploring historical Sussex as well as appreciating fine wine and food!

Nursery Manager
Sherrie Nyss

“This is an outstanding nursery in which children thrive within the nurturing and generally very well resourced environment. The management and experienced staff team work effectively together to enhance the provision for all children” - Read the full Ofsted report here

Young Sussex Nursery Hove

Hove was the first dedicated Young Sussex nursery (opening its doors in January 1991), and operates from a large Victorian school building on Portland Road. The bright and airy rooms allow for a fantastic and interesting nursery space, with each age group enjoying a dedicated, age-specific environment. The building sits on a large plot offering access to 4 separate but interconnected playgrounds, giving the children plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors.


Our babies have use of the Ladybirds Room. This has its own entrance, kitchen, 2 playrooms and spacious sleep room with 6 cots. Outside is the Ladybirds Garden with both grass for fair weather and an all-weather rubber softplay area.

A miniature pirate ship and willow tunnel, amongst many other things, offer outdoor play opportunities for the babies.


Around the age of 2, our toddlers move into the Bumblebees Room.

These three spacious rooms have all equipment stored for easy child access so children can make choices about what they want to use and investigate. There are areas for quiet reflection and areas to be creative; spaces for small world play and spaces for role play. There is a gentle introduction to the specific areas of learning through the introduction of Mathematics, Mark Making and an IT area.

There are two individually designed outdoor spaces for this age-group, with opportunities for climbing, socialising, growing and exploring. Practitioners make use of all available resources inside and out, to ensure the children receive varied and rich outdoor play opportunities.  


In their final year before school, the children move up into the Dragonflies Room. This has been designed specifically to support the children in making a seamless transition to big school.

There is a reading/quiet area and a computer zone, as well as all the usual painting and construction.

Aldrington C of E primary school was built in the late 1800s when there was little more than allotments in the area. Believe it or not, the buggy store used to be the staff room!